Hendren’s Hyperbole! Episode 14 — Bracket winner, a (very) few nice words about Tiger

By |  April 5, 2011

Welcome back to Hendren’s Hyperbole all six of you who read Hendren’s Hyperbole. Spread the word! I figure either you love the hyperbole or you hate it, either way you have to read it….right? I need some comments people! Comments help me shape the hyperbole. I am going to assume that no comments means I am hitting the nail on the head and all six of you love what you are reading. If I am wrong, leave a comment or shoot Seth an email letting him know you love Hendren’s Hyperbole!

Congratulations to Jerome Tucker for winning the inaugural addition of Golfdom’s Bracket Challenge, sponsored by SubAir and Rain Bird. First and second place both get $50 gift cards, while the next 12, maybe even 20 (depending on how many prizes we have stashed in Seth’s office), all get some sort of prize for playing along. I’m talking golf shirts, hats, etc. So if you finished in the top 12, make sure to email Seth your mailing address.

Other notable participants include Erica Hendren finishing 2nd, Matt Hendren finishing 6th, Pat Roberts finishing 8th and last but not least… Seth Jones finishing 18th. In case you didn’t figure it out… yes, my wife kicked my ass by finishing 2nd! If Butler would have won my wife would have won the first ever Golfdom Bracket Challenge.

The thing that gets me is she doesn’t even like basketball! I think she picks winners by the team’s mascot or uniform color or something. This is the last year I invite her to join the Golfdom Bracket Challenge! To make myself feel a little better I listed where Seth and Pat landed in the field of 57 participants. At least I beat someone I can talk a little junk to but losing to my wife is fairly emasculating. Nice work Erica.

Did any of you notice The Goldom Daily has a sponsor? Jacobsen baby! WOW! The Golfdom Daily has officially hit the big time. I’m talking about the JACOBSEN! I bet all of my readers have at least one piece of quality Jacobsen equipment you use to manicure your course and make you look good in the process. I am pumped and want to personally welcome Jacobsen to The Golfdom Daily.

How about Phil winning the Shell Houston Open? I think it’s great and wish Phil would play at the level he is capable of, like last weekend, a little more often. No one is more fun to watch when he is firing on all cylinders than Phil. This was Mickelson’s first win since last year’s Masters win. From what I can tell, everyone loves Phil. Phil is the anti-Tiger. For the first time since 1997 he overtook Tiger on the world rankings, jumping to 3rd. Tiger is 7th and falling fast.

If you read Hendren’s Hyperbole on a regular basis you know I am not a Tiger Woods fan but am starting to feel sorry for him so I wanted to throw this out there…. I Know Tiger will get his stuff together sooner or later, probably later, but it is true — regardless of anyone’s opinion of Tiger you have to give him props for what he has done for the game of golf. There, I said something somewhat nice about Mr. Woods. This probably won’t happen again so if you are a Tiger supporter or sympathizer this should tide you over for a while. Just don’t forget Tiger is still a bum.

Do you think Phil can throw together back-to-back wins for the first time since 2006 and win the Maters this week? I looked into my Magic 8 ball and it said “Outlook Unclear.” I hope he does as long as it doesn’t involve beating Johnny Vegas in dramatic fashion on the 72nd hole, which is not looking promising.

Does anyone give Tiger a shot? Did anyone buy Tiger Woods: My Swing? Has your game improved immensely? I am still waiting to schedule Seth’s first swing lesson. The offer still stands! Fire me a comment and let me know what you think.

— Matt Hendren

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  1. Hendren, I thought you knew me. I like Phil about as much as you like Tiger! Sheesh!

    Congrats to Jerome and Erica!


  2. Leastman says:

    Wow, you let your wife beat you and then you told everybody? Couldn’t you have manipulated the data and gave her a few extra losses so you could save some face?

  3. Leastman says:

    Seems to me that the Master’s may be wide open this year. Phil has as good a shot as anybody else. Maybe this is the year for one the young bucks like Rory Mcllroy or Rickie Fowler? By the way, does anybody else think Rory looks like Danny Noonan from Caddyshack?