Harrell’s to collab with GreenSight for new application feature for TurfCloud

By |  February 7, 2023 0 Comments

GreenSight and Harrell’s will team up to offer a new application planning feature inside TurfCloud. Users can demo the application planner at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Tradeshow in Orlando, Fla.

TurfCloud is an online platform founded in 2015 to help golf course superintendents manage their turf and teams. The program integrates robotics, AI-driven automated data analysis and cloud-based planning tools to provide actionable data to decision-makers and day-to-day operators.

The GreenSight and Harrell’s teams collaborated to create a comprehensive application planner with an intuitive interface. The application planner integrates with job assignments and inventory planning, allowing the superintendent to view available stock when planning applications and easily assign the application to crew members.

“We want TurfCloud to be a completely free-to-use platform that challenges the current industry status quo and equips turfgrass professionals with the technology solutions they need to address the day-to-day challenges of a demanding and high-pressure profession,” Stephen Ohlson, vice president of commercial turf and agriculture at GreenSight, said. “The new application planner in TurfCloud builds upon this goal by providing free access to essential planning tools.”

TurfCloud includes multiple aspects of turf management including job assignments, labor management, inventory management and now application planning. TurfCloud users can also choose to integrate hardware like Husqvarna robotic mowers, soil sensors and drone flights.

Harrell’s customers can unlock advanced features by inviting their Harrell’s rep or territory manager to collaborate on the user’s home screen. By inviting a Harrell’s rep, a user gains access to the stock list from their local Harrell’s warehouse.

In the coming months, Harrell’s said its customers will also have access to a growing library of research-backed agronomic resources, including Harrell’s Balanced Approach programs.

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