Greenworks Commercial Tools partners with Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course for American Century Championship

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Greenworks 82-volt backpack blower blowing off a tee boxCelebrities such as Stephen Curry, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and Charles Barkley will be competing in the 2018 American Century Golf Championship, July 10–15 at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, South Lake Tahoe, Nev.

The course will be prepped and ready to go, but there will be one thing missing during the tournament: noise from course maintenance equipment.

Greenworks Commercial Tools has provided quiet and environmentally-friendly battery-powered tools for the Edgewood Tahoe GC maintenance staff.

“Our commitment to best-in-class environmental practices reflects our overall philosophy throughout Edgewood operations to continually pursue the most appropriate approach to golf course management and maintenance,” said Edgewood Tahoe GC Superintendent Brad Wunderlich.

“Working with Greenworks Commercial Tools and adopting their lithium-ion battery equipment has afforded us a measurable step forward in our reduction of toxic CO2 emissions from gas-powered outdoor equipment, as well as significant reduction in annoying and ear-damaging noise levels,” Wunderlich said. “Greenworks has demonstrated how lithium-ion gear meets every test in terms of power and run time, plus delivering remarkable advantages in our quest to remain ‘green.’”

Greenworks has donated a variety of tools to the Edgewood staff during its preparation for the American Century Championship, including backpack blowers, chainsaws, stick edgers and pole saws — all powered by Greenworks Commercial’s proprietary 82-volt lithium-ion battery and charging systems.

“We’ve realized great success and overwhelming acceptance of our award-winning 82-volt system of outdoor power equipment,” said Tony Marchese, director of independent retail for Greenworks North America. “It provides new solutions for landscape and turf management professionals who encounter new noise and emission ordinances every day. Leaders in ‘green’ practices are seriously embracing lithium-ion technologies for their outdoor power equipment needs, and Greenworks Commercial Tools is leading the way.”

On a national scale, the adoption of battery-powered lawn and landscape equipment has reached a tipping point. In 2017, for the first time, battery-powered leaf blowers outsold gas-powered blowers, the company said in a recent press release.

“We’ve seen greater efficiency and less fatigue from our crews, thanks to reductions in equipment vibrations and user-friendly features such as push-button starters that eliminate the annoyances of pull cords on gas equipment,” Wunderlich said.

Photo: Greenworks

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