Golfdom Gallery: September 2019

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John O'Leary (left) and Woody Moriarty (Photo: Seth Jones)

Photo: Seth Jones

1. Bash brothers At the recent Wee One fundraiser at Staley Farms Golf Course in Kansas City, Mo., John Deere’s John O’Leary (left) and Blue Hills CC Superintendent Woody Moriarty were competing for long drive of the day. Turns out O’Leary won when he got an extra 10 yards of carry from his golf shirt.

Jake Goodman, Alan Brown, Craig MacGregor (Photo: Golfdom Staff)

Photo provided by Golfdom Staff

2. Where’s your hat, MacGregor? Golfdom’s Western Regional Sales Manager Jake Goodman (left) and Publisher Craig MacGregor (right) made time for a site visit to beautiful Timuquana CC in Jacksonville, Fla., where Alan Brown (center) is superintendent. And now we’re wondering if MacGregor didn’t like the hat we got him at the U.S. Open and gave it away …

Davis Watts (left), Clara Richter, Dustin Bucher (Photo: Seth Jones)

Photo: Seth Jones

3. Welcome to Atlanta East Lake GC Assistant Superintendent Davis Watts (left), Golfdom Managing Editor Clara Richter (center) and Assistant Superintentent Dustin Bucher take time for a quick photo at the home course of the Tour Championship.

Bill Roddy, Chloe Scoular, Craig MacGregor (Photo: Seth Jones)

Photo: Seth Jones

4. You can really taste the grapes At the North Coast Media sales meeting in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Golfdom’s team of wine connoisseurs took in the local wine tasting tour. Left to right is Group Publisher Bill Roddy, Account Manager Chloe Scoular and MacGregor.

Sam Wineinger (Photo: Seth Jones)

Sam Wineinger (Photo: Seth Jones)

5. A straight flush Sipcam Agro USA Marketing Manager Sam Wineinger rips one from the crapper at Staley Farms. We’ve heard of hitting into the crapper before, but hitting from the crapper? That’s a new one.

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