Golfdom Files: ‘Dear Beef’

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Golfdom Archives May 1936

Golfdom Archives May 1936

In the May 1936 issue of Golfdom — which, like the May 2019 issue, featured Pebble Beach on the cover — Golfdom founder Herb Graffis wrote a letter to his dear old friend — or perhaps it’s more accurate to say “frenemy” — Beef McLip, expounding upon the benefits of free golf lessons for youngsters. Graffis, in his signature irreverent style, outlines why Beef is wrong to say that free golf instruction is a bad idea. As a rebuttal, Graffis gives several reasons why free lessons could attract more young people to the game of golf and would do nothing whatsoever to detract from it. Graffis’ words are perhaps just as poignant today, as the industry tries to draw more newcomers to the sport.

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