Forrest Richardson, Jeff Danner partner on new book to examine sustainability in golf

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Golf course architect Forrest Richardson and designer Jeff Danner will publish a new book titled The Sustainable Sport — How Golf’s Five Million Acres Benefit the Planet.

"The Sustainable Sport — How Golf's Five Million Acres Benefit the Planet" by Forrest Richards and Jeff Danner. (Photo: Golf Group Ltd.)

The Sustainable Sport — How Golf’s Five Million Acres Benefit the Planet by Forrest Richardson and Jeff Danner. (Photo: Golf Group Ltd.)

The duo will release the book in mid-2023, offering an in-depth look at the game of golf with a perspective on sustainability.

“The very idea of golf being sustainable is one that some people can’t get their arms around or even accept, to begin with,” said Richardson. “During my career, I’ve engaged in many deep discussions about golf and how it has contributed positively to the environment, and also how the game has helped further innovations in irrigation and turf science. Those discussions have not always gone well because many people simply have closed minds — this writing is intended to give us all more information, some of which we’ve not explored in enough detail up until now.”

Topics covered in the book include a detailed look at golf’s footprint across the environment and a comparison of how golf’s acreage compares to other human environments such as housing, agriculture and roadways. Richardson and Danner also look to the future, pointing out what is being done now to better the game and its impact on the next generations.

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