FMC raises nearly $30K for local GCSAA chapters with “Give Back” program

By |  March 9, 2023 0 Comments

FMC said its promotions at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show featuring “Give Back to Local Chapters” program generated nearly $30,000 in donations for local GCSAA chapters.

“We were thrilled with the level of activity all week at our booth,” Mike Sisti, North American marketing manager, said. “We had a golf simulator that allowed course superintendents to raise “Give Back” checks for their local chapters. We also combined that with overall participation by chapter to add to the totals.”

The top 10 golf simulator participants earning “Give Back” checks were: North Texas GCSA, Connecticut Association of GCS, Carolinas GCSA, Michigan GCSA, Alabama GCSA, Ozark Turf Association, Metropolitan GCSA, Northern Ohio GCSA, Heart of America GCSA and GCSA of South Dakota. The top five of these won additional funds for the most members participating from each chapter.

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