Finding the positives in record rainfall

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The day before heading down to Orlando for the Golfdom Summit I noticed a picture on Twitter (see below) from Kasey Kauff, director of grounds at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas, that got attention for the wrong reasons.


The Coore & Crenshaw design is still under construction and is in an area that has faced a record amount of rainfall this year. As luck would have it (for Golfdom), Kauff is one of the Summit attendees and I talked to him today to learn some more about the effects of the rainfall on the course.

“This is the wettest year on record for Dallas,” Kauff told me. “We got 12 inches three weeks ago and another 7 inches earlier this week.”

Despite the recent onslaught of rainfall causing damage to the course and making it difficult to grow turf, Kauff sees the experience as a positive.

“It was kind of a blessing in disguise. The course could have been finished (and then exposed) to what we thought was worse case scenario for rainfall… and then we would have found out about these issues down the road,” says Kauff. “We’ve been able to implement a lot of things that, if this continues to happen, then the golf course will be ready.”

Kauff regularly posts photos of what is going on at Trinity Forest GC on Twitter. His account is set to private so send him a follow request to keep up with their progress.

I have to add that I hung out with Trinity GC’s Senior Assistant Superintendent Chad Kuzawa at the Green Start Academy back in October and now that I have met Kauff I would definitely nominate the pair for funniest superintendent/assistant superintendent tandem you will meet.

Keep checking back to the blog and Twitter account to see what is going on at the Golfdom Summit.

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