EnBio Industries releases studies of hydraulic fluid spilled on turf

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Hydraulic fluid spills after 28 days

EnBio Industries has completed a new evaluation of hydraulic fluid spilled on turf. The test included four different types of the most commonly used hydraulic fluids: a mineral oil, synthetic ester, vegetable oil and EnBio TCS. The testing was conducted on Bermuda TifEagle turfgrass with each of the fluids being heated to average equipment operating temperature — 160 degrees Fahrenehit.

Each fluid was spilled in a three-foot long line roughly two feet apart from each other. The sprinkler system was turned on 10 minutes later and each spill was thoroughly washed 27 minutes after the initial spill. The results of the testing were collected over next 70 days to record the effects of each fluid.

An hour after each fluid was washed, the mineral oil, synthetic ester and vegetable oil had all crept over a 400 percent larger area than the initial spill and each had visibly darkened the turf. EnBio TCS showed no creep and the spill area was noticeably lighter than before being washed, with no visible evidence of the spill shortly thereafter. The other three fluids quickly turned the spilled area a yellowish-brown with turf density loss and necrosis. The vegetable and mineral oil spills began to fill in around day 42 and the synthetic ester around day 70. All three spill lines of dead grass were still visible at day 70. EnBio TCS was the only fluid tested that left no visible sign of a spill or impact on the turf’s density.

For a full copy of the spill test results, including pictures, or to set up a spill test on your course, visit the EnBio website.


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  1. Timothy J. Riser says:

    I have been using EnBio Industries TCS product for over 5 years and have nothing but success with the product. It is in all of my machines that are used on greens and tees. Throughout the years there have been several hydraulic blowouts and leaks resulting in ZERO loss of turf and playability. I highly recommend EnBio TCS to all turf management professionals.

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