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Product of the Day

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Photo: PBI Gordon

PBI Gordon: Union Fungicide SC

June 17, 2020 By
Testing has shown that Union™ Fungicide SC from PBI-Gordon is effective in the preventative and curative treatment of Pythium diseases (blight, damping-off, root dysfunction, root rot), brown patch, anthracnose, cool-weather brown patch, yellow patch, fairy ring, gray leaf spot, red ...

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Photo: The Andersons

The Andersons: VersaGard Fungicide

June 16, 2020 By
Turfgrass diseases can strike during a variety of times during a growing season. The introduction of VersaGard adds a vital weapon in your arsenal to combat a variety of summer and winter diseases. The three-way active ingredient combination of chlorothalonil, ...

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Turfco: CR-15 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler

June 15, 2020 By
Put a New Spin on Productivity Introducing the new Turfco CR-15 Large Area Topdresser & Material Handler. Combines unprecedented productivity and precision topdressing into one workhorse of a machine. Comes equipped with a smart controller to calculate rates then lock in rates/widths ...

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Photo: Mi-T-M

Mi-T-M Corporation: Biological Water Treatment System

June 11, 2020 By
What if you could clean your equipment and facilities with the same water over and over? You could save not only water, but time and money. Each Mi-T-M Biological Water Treatment System is customized to treat and recycle wash water ...

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Photo: Progressive Turf

Progressive Turf Equipment: The Contour Team!

June 10, 2020 By
Progressive has the pull behind for you! The five deck, Pro-Flex 120B is the most popular contour rough mower on the market. At 10’ wide, it’s agile and productive.  The new TDR-X contour roller mower boosts features and a cut ...

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Photo: Bunkerdry

Bunker Dry: Bunker Dry Drainage System

May 14, 2020 By
Managing bunkers is now much easier with the Bunker Dry system. Bunker Dry is the most unique and simple drainage system in the world. Bunker Dry saves time and money by using hydraulic pressure and gravity to drain water quickly ...

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