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September 12, 2019 By
Jacobsen® has nearly a century of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering turf maintenance equipment. This singular focus has allowed us to deliver a legendary quality-of-cut within our full line of products that consistently and cost-effectively produce perfectly manicured, healthy turf. ...

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Kafka Granite: Wax Polymer Pathway Mix

September 11, 2019 By
Kafka’s most popular solution for golf courses is our Wax Polymer Pathway Mix. This resilient, non-erosive wax coated aggregate can be installed on even steepest of slopes. Wax Polymer Pathway Mix combines decomposed granite or crushed stone with an engineered ...

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Graphic: Sipcam Agro Inc.

Sipcam Agro Inc.: Coastal Herbicide

September 10, 2019 By
Coastal™ Herbicide: Protecting southern turf from coast to coast Sipcam Agro USA has introduced what could be described as the ultimate herbicide for warm-season grasses. Easy-to-use Coastal™ Herbicide provides comprehensive pre- and post-emergent grass and broadleaf control and is safe ...

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Photo: PBI-Gordon

PBI-Gordon: SpeedZone

September 9, 2019 By
SpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide from PBI-Gordon utilizes four powerful active ingredients to provide fast and dependable control of more than 90 tough broadleaf weeds, including goosegrass, clover, plantain, ground ivy, and spurge. Most applications will produce a visual response within 24 ...

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Hunter TTS-800 (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Hunter Industries: TTS-800

September 6, 2019 By
TTS-800 Series rotors from Hunter Industries provide maximum uniformity and longevity in the field. The high-torque gear drives mitigate the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality. An extra-large, fast-access flange compartment comfortably accommodates wire connections and two-way ...

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Photo: Blinder Bunker

Blinder Bunker Liner

September 5, 2019 By
Blinder Bunker Liner is the original flexible, seamless porous bunker liner using recycled crumb rubber mixed onsite with a proprietary binding agent. Blinders’ unique properties include resistance to club strikes along with the ability to withstand changes in temperature and ...

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