CalAmp and FAIRWAYiQ partner to improve course operational efficiency

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CalAmp, a connected intelligence company helping businesses and people track, monitor and recover vital assets with real-time visibility and insights, announced it is providing its CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC) and edge computing devices to enhance FAIRWAYiQ‘s golf course operations and golf cart fleet management platform. The partnership enables FAIRWAYiQ to provide course operators with real-time visibility over gameplay and operations — connected intelligence at the edge to optimize course maintenance and player pace-of-play.

“I recognized CalAmp as a leader in IoT who could readily provide the connectivity and visibility we needed, as well as enhance our platform’s functionality,” said Dave Vanslette, founder and CEO of FAIRWAYiQ. “CalAmp has exceeded our expectations, delivering a solution that met our specific use cases in less than two months and has become an integral part of our business.”

For FAIRWAYiQ, CalAmp currently provides:

  • A GPS-enabled tracking devices for golf cart location monitoring. The weatherproof, Bluetooth-enabled GPS device installed on individual golf carts transmits real-time location information so operations teams can see where cart and walking groups are on the course.
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) key fobs for player and employee identification. While GPS devices provide location information about each golf cart, assigned BLE key fobs help identify the individuals that are driving each cart at any given time. Similarly, key fobs associated with golf course staff members provide visibility into who is using what maintenance equipment. With this insight, superintendents can ensure courses are well-maintained and pristine by monitoring ongoing maintenance tasks. Identifying inefficiencies from individual staff performance data helps with employee management and equipment usage history enables better lifecycle asset management.
  • Geofencing and edge computing for improved course management. Operations teams can set up geofenced boundaries to prevent carts from driving into unauthorized areas, such as a wet area where the turf could be damaged. A buzzer that’s wired to a CalAmp edge-computing device in the golf cart will detect and alert groups if they are entering an unauthorized zone or exceeding course speed limits — notifications that happen instantaneously within the cart.
  • Connected intelligence for smarter decision making. The CTC platform connects and manages all CalAmp devices used in a FAIRWAYiQ implementation. With this connected intelligence, golf course operations teams can make smarter management decisions. Also, the customizing capability of CTC enables users to write and access applications for edge devices, such as the geofencing and buzzer alerts around unauthorized golf course areas.

“It’s exciting to see that FAIRWAYiQ’s golf course customers will not only have visibility to manage the course flow and maintenance of their entire course operations, but they also can take immediate action based on real-time visibility from the edge to the tee to the green,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management, CalAmp. “We’re thrilled to showcase our partnership and the transformative impact of connected intelligence in new markets with such a pioneer in the golf industry.”

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