Announcing… GOLFDOM CHINA (Sort of. OK, not really.)

By |  March 23, 2012

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a few of our competitors have launched new digital magazines for our friends in China. They have done this by translating their mags and plopping a “China” on the cover. Their are also a few China-specific stories added in, as well, I see.

Well I’m all for this. My hat is off to these guys for expanding their reach.

A lot of people have asked me, “Is Golfdom going to do the same thing?” And by “a lot of people” I mean no one. HOWEVER, that does not mean your pal Jonesy isn’t scheming behind the scenes to see what he can pull out of his hat.

And so I present to you… GOLFDOM CHINA! (Queue dramatic thunder sound effect!!!)

OK, so it’s not Golfdom China. But it is our November 2011 cover story by Stacie Zinn, “Just Add Germs,” reprinted in China’s own Golf People magazine.

And it’s in the March 2012 issue… so as you can see… we’ve already got our friends in China covered! (And remember, everyone else on planet earth and elsewhere — you can always read Golfdom magazine for FREE by simply going to You’re welcome!)

So, in a way, we were the first to be in China. And we’ll also be the first in Kathmandu, as you’ll see in a future issue. We’re huge in Kathmandu!

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