ADAMA begins production of indoxacarb with new proprietary synthesis process

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ADAMA begins in-house production of indoxacarb, a key insecticide active ingredient, with its new proprietary synthesis process providing a building block for its differentiated formulations. The company has a global market of approximately $200 million of indoxacarb sales as of 2021.

“With its vast global market potential, we identified indoxacarb as a key building block for ADAMA’s future differentiated product pipeline,” Elad Shabtai, EVP of global operations at ADAMA, said. “This new in-house production capability of indoxacarb is expected to improve the company’s control over the availability, quality and cost of this important active ingredient.”

ADAMA is targeting more than 15 countries with its self-produced indoxacarb, including leading markets in the U.S., Brazil and India. It is a key active ingredient for various insecticides, including ADAMA’s products Plethora (India, Brazil), Plemax (Australia, South Africa) and DOXEM (USA).

In addition to the potential sales of indoxacarb, ADAMA expects to expand the production and sales of its proprietary active ingredient, novaluron, due to increased demand, given that these two active ingredients mix together in formulations to provide a solution against chewing pests in their early stages of development.

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