2019 State of the Industry review (VIDEO)

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Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones spoke with Nufarm‘s Cam Copley to discuss what trends they have seen in the industry over the course (see what we did there?) of the last year. Check it out in the video above.

Transcription below …

Seth Jones (SJ): Hey everybody it’s Seth Jones, editor-in-chief of Golfdom magazine. I’m at the 2019 Golfdom Summit. I’m being joined by Cam Copley of Nufarm. Cam. I appreciate you guys sponsoring our State of the Industry report. It’ll be in the December issue, and I got good news: It seems like superintendents across the country are really enthusiastic about the year that was. How do you feel about 2019?

Cam Copley (CC): 2019 was a great year in the golf business. You see a lot of growth, you see a lot of renovation projects, you see superintendents moving to new jobs, a lot of new faces in new places and you know the weather was a tough one, but I think that seems to be par for the course here lately.

SJ: We got a lot of guys from all across the country. I think we got about 15 different states reporting and we did hear a lot that there were some near misses but there was a lot of home runs — for you guys in 2020, what are you looking forward to?

CC: Getting out to meet new superintendents. Seeing how our product line can help them find solutions to problems that they have and hopefully growing with them and being able to just show them the value that we have at Nufarm.

SJ: Keep your eyes out for our State of the Industry report, there’s a good chance that we have somebody in your state that we talked to. Cam, you hit a lot of states this year and you saw a lot of golf — how much travel did you do, you think?

CC: Over 120 segments. I didn’t keep up with my airline miles too much but it’s a lot of nights out. (I) basically hit every part of the country, and I got to see a lot of spectacular places.

SJ: You got to see a lot of good golf — what was your favorite?

CC: Oh man, probably Bandon, going out to Bandon Dunes for the northwest turf association meeting was a really, really good treat — those are some beautiful properties. The sheep ranch opens up in June, can’t wait to see what it looks like next year.

SJ: Well, Cam, thanks for your continued support of our State of the Industry report and the Golfdom Summit.

CC: Well thank you so much, it’s great being here.

SJ: Everybody this is Cam Copley with Nufarm, I’m Seth Jones, we’re reporting to you here from the Golfdom Summit, thanks for watching us here at Golfdom TV.

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