19th Hole: Grant Jones

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Grant Jones (Photo: Golfdom staff)

Grant Jones (Photo: Golfdom staff)

Grant Jones

Superintendent // Sherrill Park GC, Richardson, Texas

Grant, drinks are on me … what are you having? A Half-Life Hazy IPA from the Manhattan Project Beer Co. in Dallas. They’ve got a couple really good beers and I’m an IPA guy.

Tell me about the courses. We’re a 36-hole municipal facility here in Richardson. Course 1 opened in 1973. So last year, we celebrated 50 years. And then, in 1976, Course 2 was built. Both of those were Leon Howard-designed golf courses. And then, in the mid-’90s, D.A. Weibring and Steve Wolfard came in and redesigned both of those. We’re the only city course in Richardson.

How big is your crew? My department total is 13, including me. I have one assistant, two mechanics and nine equipment operators that manage all 36 holes and our driving range. Staying on schedule is real important out here. Ron Readel, my assistant, has been here for 31 years. It’s great to just give the schedule to him and say, ‘Hey, here are some of the things let’s try to get accomplished this week,’ and off he goes. I don’t have to worry about what he’s doing or how he’s scheduling it.

And you have a young family? Yes, my wife Kelli and I have been married for six years. We have an 18-month-old little girl named Reese. Then we’ve got Palmer, my dog — she’s 12 — a little Lab mix who comes with me to the golf course every single day. Kelli brought her cat into the mix as well, Peanut.

Give me a good recommendation — book, movie, TV show, anything. Lee Child is one of my favorite authors to read. He’s the author of the Jack Reacher series — the series on Amazon Prime. It’s cool to see the character come to life from the book, it’s pretty accurate.

What’s your favorite golf memory? I was an assistant at The Woodlands and we had a Champions Tour event come through. My dad came to town for the weekend. He was able to see the course. Then we sat behind the 18th green and watched the tournament together. It was cool to do the prep, the lead-up and then have him come out and see everything.

Who are your teams and do you have a favorite piece of sports memorabilia? I grew up in this area, so I love all the local teams: I’m a Cowboys fan, a Rangers fan, the Mavericks and the Stars. The Rangers World Series — that was a long time coming. I’ve got a signed Ivan Rodriguez rookie card. He was my favorite growing up. Now, he’s in the Hall of Fame and that card still has a lot of meaning to me.

Fill in the blank: I love all my golfers, but come March 1, I know I’m going to have to ______? I’m going to have to answer the question, ‘When do I pre-emerge my lawn?’ I have to give lawn advice and, listen, I don’t do the best job with my own yard.

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