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19th Hole: Bill Murray

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Bill Murray (Photo by Robert Hannah)

Bill Murray (Photo by Robert Hannah)

Bill Murray

Superintendent // Pine Brook Golf Course, Monmouth County, N.J.

What can I get you? Either a nice, ice-cold Bud Light or a big, frosty Guinness.

Tell me about Pine Brook. It’s an 18-hole executive course for the Monmouth County Parks system. We do about 23,000 rounds a year. It’s a fun little place to work. I’ve been with the county for 24 years and at Pine Brook for about five years.

What was the last great golf trip you took? In 2019, I went to Ireland with two friends. We volunteered for the Irish Open at Lahinch, where I’m a member. Then we went to Royal Portrush and worked The Open. That was an incredible time.

Give me a tip on visiting Ireland. Go out and meet the people. It is a very friendly island. The golf courses along the shorelines are just fantastic. You’ll fall in love with the place.

What was your favorite car you’ve owned? The first car I owned was a 1966 Ford Mustang, British racing green. I couldn’t kill that car, it was the best car I’ve ever had.

What’s a challenge you have in your area? In this part of the country, we have a big ABW problem. The lower the cut goes, the more problems we seem to have.

What is the best thing about having your job, your career? I’m an outdoors guy. I don’t mind getting up in the morning, morning is the best time of the day. The birds singing, the sun coming up, it’s awesome working outside. Being in the golf business, there’s nothing better. You get to see some of the best places in the world. Sometimes you even get to play them.

Any advice for the young guys trying to make it in the industry? Read the articles, talk to your peers. The biggest one is talk to your peers. Don’t be afraid to ask an older superintendent questions. You’re going to get an answer. And I really like reading articles and trying new things. I’m not afraid, if someone has a new pesticide I’m happy to try it.

So, the obvious question: what’s it like sharing a name with a famous actor? It’s actually pretty cool. Everybody comes up when they find out my name. I’ve never met the man. I’d like to someday. He has a brother Brian, I have a brother Brian. When he’s playing in the Pro-Ams, I’m always watching him. He’s more out there than I am. I tend to be out there sometimes, but not quite like that man.

I’ve been trying to interview him for 25 years. Now I can finally say I have interviewed Bill Murray, so thanks Bill! Who knows, maybe he’ll see this. Tell him I’ll play golf with him anytime he wants.

As interviewed by Seth Jones, June 8, 2021

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