Zombies at GIS???

By |  January 7, 2013

I know after a hard night at the GIS, some people walk around the GIS tradeshow floor like they’re zombies. But at this year’s GIS, thanks to FMC, there will be “real” zombies there. BRAINS!!!

Here’s the note I got from FMC:


Come to Booth #1338 to learn about “Zombie Weeds” and the Sulfentrazone Effect during the 2013 Golf Industry Show! Get your picture taken with real life zombies while you test your Weed IQ. Participants may also receive a big Dismiss – #1 Sedge Control foam finger and/or a Weed ID poster. You won’t want to miss this encounter with weeds – the living and the undead. 
So, last year FMC did a NCAA tournament style “Weed Madness” bracket… this year they’re having zombies? FMC, are you somehow inside my brain taking ideas for booth promotions that would totally entertain me? What’s next? Alternative rock bands of the ’90s? Comic books of the ’60s? A Star Wars theme (maybe the Mos Eisley Cantina)?
And while we’re talking zombies on the Golfdom blog (again), here’s the preview for World War Z. The book was incredible, but the movie… there’s no way they can make the movie like the book, so we’ll see how it turns out…
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