"You won’t even be able to tell."

By |  August 10, 2011

After months — no, years — of preparation, it had to happen on Wednesday night.

There was the maintenance crew on The Golf Channel, surrounding a chunk of damaged turf on No. 17 green. The TV crew chuckled, “that’s cutting the green a little too close.”

It was no laughing matter to the crew.

“Those guys will fix it, they’re problem solvers,” Paul Goydos, joining The Golf Channel crew, proclaimed. Goydos was exactly right.

The crew sprung into action to fix the damage that had been done. According to Kasey Kauff, superintendent of the Highlands course, the crew took a sod cutter to the driving range green. That’s how The Golf Channel got tipped off to the story.

“The funniest thing, the nursery green didn’t match enough,” Kauff said. “The nursery green is only five weeks old. So we went to the driving range green.

“We got some sod. Sod it, water it, tamp it down, go home. You won’t even be able to tell. It’s nobody’s fault. We weren’t even that worked up about it,” Kauff continued. “We just didn’t want The Golf Channel filming it!”

As of this writing, the PGA of America was preparing a press release about the incident. Check back later for more information.

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