Work Like Hell

By |  January 22, 2007

Long-serving U.S. Congresspersons were asked for advice they would give new members in a story by Andrea Seabrook on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” last week.

I figured words of wisdom from legislators could very well have some applicability to superintendents, whose daily routines are often fraught with politics as well.

Rep. Al Green of Texas says it’s imperative to pick a good staff: “While a congressperson can get a lot done, the staff can get a lot more done. Get a capable, competent, qualified staff, and I assure you: You’ll do well.”

Rep. John Dingell of Michigan simply said, “Work like hell.”

And Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona says, “You spend time away from family; it’s not a particularly high-paying job, and if you can’t have fun pushing what you want to push, then it’s not worth it.”

What pearls of wisdom would you give newbie superintendents?

— David Frabotta, Senior Editor

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