Wiser When It Comes to Watering

By |  October 27, 2009

Golf course superintendents are much wiser when it comes to watering in 2009.

A whopping 97 percent of superintendents say they’re taking measures to manage water more efficiently on their golf courses, according to a recent irrigation survey by Golfdom. The survey, conducted in mid-October, garnered nearly 500 responses from superintendents across the country.

The answers to the first question of the survey — Are you doing all you can to manage water as efficiently as possible? — reveals superintendents are more serious about reducing their water use than they were in past years. Fifty percent of superintendents said they’re finding ways to reduce overall water use, even if it causes occasional stress on the turf. Forty-seven percent of respondents said, “Somewhat, we’re trying to find the right balance.” Only 3 percent of superintendents said they were “watering away to attain as green and lush turf as possible.”

We conducted a similar survey in 2006, and the difference in answers between now and then is startling. Back then, only 25 percent of superintendents said they were managing water use as efficiently as possible and 65 percent said they were trying to find a balance. Almost 10 percent said they were watering away for the lush, green look.
— Larry Aylward

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