Where to start?

By |  August 9, 2011

It was a great day out there at the PGA Championship, but I don’t even know where to start.

What was my biggest highlight of the day? The Rees Jones interview? The Graeme McDowell interview? Following the crew on the back nine during evening maintenance?

I’ll tell you one highlight that was certainly unexpected… Ken Mangum was addressing the group during dinner. I was snapping photos of him while he was doing it… he was thanking the folks who supported the team at Atlanta Athletic Club… he named BASF, John Deere, Cleary, then some other industry mainstays… then he named ME, Seth Jones, and Golfdom magazine! WOW! Thanks, Ken! What an honor!

I’ll tell you another two highlights… Kyle Johnson (pictured, right) gave me a ride from the maintenance facility to No. 10 green, saving me a loooong walk! Thank you Kyle! Then, to finish my evening, Tyler Andersen (pictured, left) gave me a ride to my car, saving me another looooong walk! Thank you Tyler!

Somehow, someday, I’ll have to do cover stories on you BOTH, OK?

This photo is a pic of Tyler, Kasey Kauff and Kyle at the practice range. They asked if they should take off their sunglasses. I told them, “No, keep them on, you guys look like Reservoir Dogs!”

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