What if?

By |  January 6, 2011

Editor’s note — Today Pat Roberts, publisher of Golfdom, checks in to talk the impending new GCSAA CEO announcement… and something the association should consider doing.

I’m waiting for the big announcement on the new CEO of GCSAA — if I were in the ivory tower, I’d surely make the announcement at the big show in Orlando. It would have a profound impact as opposed to getting an email from GCSAA headquarters with a press release.

This got me thinking about who the new CEO could possibly be. Let’s see, they tried going the “one of our own” route this last time around and we all know what happened there.

Wait, actually, we don’t know what happened there, do we?

Before him the GCSAA went with the “tried and true” association guy, which worked well.

But what if this time around they thought outside of the box? What if they brought in a woman, or a minority to run the association?

It would certainly raise some eyebrows, but I think it just might be what the doctor ordered. I think it would be fantastic and a breath of fresh air.

These times call for strong leaders, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Hey, Nancy Pelosi was the first female Speaker of the House in the history of this country, and we have a minority in the White House. Why not GCSAA?

— Pat Roberts, publisher, Golfdom

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