Unusual wildlife at Lawrence CC

By |  July 27, 2012

I was at Lawrence (Kan.) CC early this morning for a photo shoot… I didn’t expect to spot such unusual wildlife while I was there!

Two funny things about KU’s Big Jay and Baby Jay being at the course this morning:

1. Bill Irving, the superintendent of the course, has a dog named Ozzie. Ozzie, like Bill, is a die hard Nebraska Cornhusker. As you’ll see from the first photo, Ozzie was NOT HAPPY about seeing the two mascots at the course this morning! (More on this after the jump!)

2. The mascots stayed “in character” the entire time they were there. It was 7 a.m., the course is quiet, it’s just me and Bill at the putting green. The two mascots and their two coaches/handlers/attendees (I don’t know what you call someone who assists a mascot… an assistant, I guess) show up. Big Jay wanted a golf ball. He could have walked up and said, “Hey guys, can I borrow a golf ball for this photo shoot?”

No way. These mascots were totally in character. They danced up to us and mimed out “we need a golf ball, please” for us.

Me and Bill are old enough that we’re a little past mascot cuteness. Doesn’t matter — the Jayhawks were ┬ápros. They never broke the first law of Jayhawk mascotting: be the bird.

I’m happy to report that by the time they were wrapping up, Ozzie made peace with the Jayhawks. Hey, Cornhuskers and Jayhawks might not love each other… but at least neither is a WILDCAT!

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