‘Tis the Season?

By |  December 20, 2011

I was at a course last week, hanging with the superintendent. He got stopped three, maybe even four different times by members. Not to ask about the new irrigation system, or how the late aeration was working out for him, or even about his day… but to ask about the gift baskets.

Yes, the gift baskets, as in the Christmas gift baskets. Turns out the women’s club made a pretty nifty gift basket for all of the crew that came with fresh cookies, hand warmers, gloves and a gift card to the local grocery store. The golfers kept asking, “Did you hand out the gift baskets?” “What did the guys think of the gift baskets??” “The cookies were fresh, you have to hand out the gift baskets!!!” (The super was patient, but had to chuckle about the stress that these gift baskets were causing.)

Gift baskets are nothing new, I know I’m not breaking any news here (“We landed on the MOON!!!”) but it did make me wonder what you guys do for your staff when the holidays roll around.

So, a new poll. Check it out and vote, let me know how you and your course handle the holidays.

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