Tiger and His PR

By |  March 17, 2010

Tiger Woods has hired former George Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer to help him with his PR problems, if that’s possible. But if I was Tiger, I’d think twice about having Fleischer advise me on what to say after hearing Mark McGwire’s confession of steroid use last January.

Fleischer, who operates Fleischer Sports Communications, reportedly was hired by McGwire to help him patch up his image after he stumbled over his alleged steroid use during a congressional hearing a few years back. McGwire decided to come clean earlier this year, and he admitted to using steroids, but not to help him hit more home runs. McGwire said he used steroids for health reasons.

Most of the public, not to mention McGwire’s peers, didn’t buy the former Big Mac’s statements. His confession was a joke.

Did Fleischer have anything to do with it? If I was Tiger, that would be my first question to Ari. Not that anyone can fix Tiger’s image, though.

— Larry Aylward

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