The Unfab Four

By |  May 30, 2013

I was flipping through the new issue of Golfdom the other day. (That’s always a strange feeling after having spent several weeks sweating the contents of an issue and staring at it on a computer screen, to then read the print version. I imagine it’s a similar feeling to what superintendents feel when they play their own golf course.)

Anyway, I was flipping through the mag and I came across this page:

Jeez-oh, man… how many times can I run my own photo on one page? Not once, not twice, not thrice… but FOUR TIMES! Sheesh! I hate myself right now.

I’ll admit that I saw this in the proofing stage, and I thought about trying to cut down on all the images of me. The only shot that seemed viable to crop me out of was the first shot, of me with John and Keith. But dang it, it’s a nice photo, we were all at the GWAA dinner… I said forget it. I kept myself in the pic. 

So what I’m trying to say is, I hope you can forgive me. Not even my own mother wants to see a page with me in four different photos! I’m sure you don’t, either.

Don’t worry, I’ll nip this in the bud before I get so wrapped up in myself that I do something crazy like start writing a second column every issue, or publishing photos of my kids. In the future, I’ll try to limit myself to two images of… myself… in any Golfdom Gallery (felt like I was quoting a Dr. Evil line there.) Three at the very most, and only on a special occasion, like my birthday or something, OK? Sound cool? …Please don’t hate me?

Thanks very much for your continued support!


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