The moral of this story: Don’t ask a kid doctor adult questions

By |  November 9, 2012
Aleve is my No. 1 choice when I’ve had too many of these!

As I nurse a level-2 hangover today, I’m reminded of a recent visit to the doctor’s office for my 1-year-old.

Boyd’s doctor always closes our appointments with, “Any questions?” Being me, I ask questions.

On this day I asked a question for myself. Hey, I’m there at the doctor’s office, chatting with an expert, might as well see if I can learn something, right?

“Yeah, doctor, I’m curious for myself… after a night of hard drinking, is it OK to take Aleve? Or is that bad for my kidneys?”

She looked at me and said, “It’s fine…” and then went on into some detail that I may or may not have understood.

But then she gave me a disapproving look and said, “But… how old are you? Maybe instead of taking Aleve you should just grow up.”

Wow. Thanks, Doc!

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