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The last of the cheap chips

By |  April 17, 2014

So I’ve got one more Masters post for the week, then I’ll get back to real life next week…

(Well, I’ll post the winners/answers to all of our Golfdom Masters trivia that we had… and then back to real life…)

((I hate writing so much about the Masters the week after the Masters. When I was younger, I would forego sleep and blog in the late hours of the night. Sorry, I just don’t have that kind of gas in the tank anymore… so you get Masters posts all week this week!))

I was back home Thursday afternoon from this year’s Masters, so I stopped by my second office (Rick’s in Lawrence, Kan.) and dropped off some souvenirs for the guys. Mostly free stuff, like Masters cups. And an egg salad sandwich for Rick and the bar manager, Damon. I figured the guys had been watching the Masters coverage all day, so they would get a kick out of having the stuff so soon, right?

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 1.26.44 PM

What other sporting event can you go to where the most expensive thing on the menu is $4? Maybe a little league baseball game? Photo: Golfdom Staff

The guys were all happy with the stuff (Damon gave the egg salad a thumb’s up) but the thing they were most impressed by was the price of the beer. That tall plastic cup I brought in full of beer only costs… $3. And the guys were astounded.

As they pointed out, you can’t get half a beer for that price at any of our local sports events — Chiefs, Royals or even Sporting.

And that’s just another one of the many cool things about the Masters… they don’t gouge you on prices. Check out the photo I took of the menu… a $1.50 for soda? A sandwich for $1.50? Chips for only a dollar??

It’s like Augusta National is telling me, “Hey, golf fan, er, patron. I know how excited you are to be here. We get it. But it’s cool. Listen, we just made a gazillion off of TV revenue, so this beer’s on us.”

Truly a tradition unlike any other.

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