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Welcome to a special edition of Hendren’s Hyperbole! I know I just posted a riveting entry a few hours ago but trust me; this news will get your attention. If it doesn’t, you are not a fan of the PGA Tour or fantasy sports!

Breaking news from The Golfdom Daily headquarters! Starting NOW, The Golfdom Daily has formed a fantasy golf league. It is going to be at . Click on “Sign up now!” for “Tee it Up!” fantasy golf (it’s the only fantasy golf game they have.) Once you create your team, click “join a group.” The group ID is 17466 and the group name is The Great Golfdom Hackoff (Yes I know ‘hackoff’ is spelled hack off but I was limited in spaces to enter a name and I had to have the name be The Great Golfdom Hackoff!)

You will need a password to join the group. The password is golfdom123.

I called Seth and he is all about this idea. He said he’ll pick up some Masters gear tomorrow morning at the course for the winners. Jones might be a lousy golfer but he’s got good taste in golf gear, so I expect him to pick up some sweet prizes! Don’t let us down Seth!

It is just as easy to sign up for as the bracket challenge and in my opinion, just as fun! Everyone will pick one “A” golfer, two “B” golfers and one “C” golfer. The lists of golfers are on the website.

I could go on about details but I will spare you, they are all on the website. The easiest thing to do is GO SIGN UP! This is the perfect week to start due to the Masters starting this week. Go sign up and compete in the inaugural edition of The Great Golfdom Hackoff!
The Great Golfdom Hackoff
Group ID: 17466
Password: golfdom123

All we are missing now is YOU!

‘Til next time!

— Matt Hendren

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