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Tag: spring dead spot

Ophiosphaerella spp. distribution in the Mid-Atlantic. Species were determined using real-time PCR, and regions are color-coded: Red=VA Mountains; Blue=VA Piedmont; Orange=VA Coastal Plain; Green=DE, MD, and NC. (Graphic courtesy of Wendell Hutchens)

How bermudagrass recovers from spring dead spot

Hybrid bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon × C. transvaalensis) is one of the most desirable turfgrasses for golf courses in the Transition Zone because of its aggressive growth habit, traffic tolerance, uniformity and color (5,7). Spring dead spot (SDS), caused by Ophiosphaerella ...

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Certain fungicides are more efficacious than others against SDS and that you should select a fungicide SDS based on the Ophiosphaerella spp. population present. (Graph courtesy of Wendell Hutchens, Jordan Booth, Kevin Hensler and David McCall, Ph.D.)

Choose the best fungicide spring dead spot species

Learn more about the two most common fungal species that cause the detrimental bermudagrass disease spring dead spot in the Transition Zone of the U.S. ...

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While spring dead spot symptoms show up after green-up, key control happens in the fall. (Photo: Nathan Walker)

Experts’ Insights: Start off spring on track

March 4, 2021 By
Experts share how you can help give your turf a leg up during green-up when it comes to spring dead spot on bermudagrass. ...

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Colonization of a spring dead spot susceptible bermudagrass and cortical necrosis by Ophiosphaerella korrae (left), a tolerant bermudagrass (center) exhibiting vascular colonization by O. korrae and no necrosis and O. korrae colonization of a grass which does not produce disease (right). (Photo: Francisco Flores)

A new tool to ID spring dead spot

February 3, 2021 By
Researchers from Ecuador and Oklahoma State University developed a molecular assay to ID three fungal species in the spring dead spot genus accurately. ...

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Photo: Lee Butler

Experts’ Insights: Spring dead spot

March 2, 2020 By
Experts weight in on how superintendents can contend with three different species of fungi that cause spring dead spot on golf courses. ...

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The scenic Nutters Crossing Golf Club in Salisbury, Md., where Pat Riebe is superintendent. (Photo: Pat Riebe)

Kabuto: Spring dead spot’s archnemesis

July 16, 2019 By
As a severe disease of warm-season turfgrasses, spring dead spot (SDS) is managed throughout the Transition Zone of the United States. Caused by a fungal infection that occurs in the autumn months (particularly as warm-season turf is approaching dormancy), SDS ...

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