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(Photo: Pure Seed)

How experts at Pure Seed have shifted their focus in development of new turfgrass varieties

September 26, 2023 By
Despite challenges, turfgrass breeders are still confident in their ability to stay ahead of climate change. ...

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Photo: DLF

Experts say turfgrass production, vital for golf, is more volatile than ever

September 11, 2023 By
With unusual weather influencing grass seed production, seed prices become unstable. See what some experts have to say. ...

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Photo: Pure Seed and Atlas Turf

Pure Seed and Atlas Turf announce new seeded bermudagrass

January 20, 2023 By
For added assurance during the grow-in stage, the new bermudagrass is protected by PureCoat+ water absorbent seed coating. ...

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