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Fungicide evaluations for dollar spot control on golf courses

April 12, 2024 By and
Researchers from Purdue University share findings from a study evaluating fungicides for dollar spot control. ...

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(Photo: LebanonTurf)

LebanonTurf launches Country Club IV greens grade products

May 20, 2022 By
LebanonTurf has launched Country Club IV, a line of greens grade products with “increased visibility” that make fertilizer applications easier to see. ...

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(Photo: ImagineGolf / E+ / Getty Images)

Retailers share why fertilizer prices are on the rise

July 1, 2021 By
It’s no secret that the cost of fertilizer and other products, such as weed control and fungicide products, is increasing. “The price increases we’re seeing in finished good products is all driven on raw material costs,” says Jeremy Bigler, landscape ...

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Necrotic ring spot often appears in Kentucky bluegrass where the organic layer under the soil has built up. (Photo: photo by: Paul Koch, Ph. D.)

Know the signs of necrotic ring spot in turf

April 15, 2021 By
The opportunistic pathogen of necrotic ring spot looks for Kentucky bluegrass turf with a thick, lush organic layer to thrive. Follow these tips to keep the pathogen at bay. ...

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LebanonTurf names 2020 Emerald Isle Solutions Campaign winner

December 4, 2020 By
LebanonTurf named Justin Wheeler, an Air Force agronomist from Texas, as its 2020 Emerald Isle Solutions campaign grand prize winner. Wheeler will be donating the $5,000 prize to his Central Texas Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association (GCSA). The ...

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LebanonTurf VP Heegard dies at 69

May 21, 2020 By
David C. Heegard, vice president of sales and marketing for LebanonTurf, died on May 10 at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus. He was 69. Heegard was the oldest of seven children, born on June 28, 1950, in Austin, Minn. He ...

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