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Seth Jones headshot (Photo: Golfdom)

Editor’s note: 5 workdays Seth Jones would relive

August 6, 2019 By
Forget Christmas in July — today I’m celebrating Groundhog Day in July. I’ll explain. In this month’s 19th Hole interview, I asked Jason Tharp, superintendent at Glen Arven CC, if he found himself in the premise of the movie Groundhog ...

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Not-so-specific Pacific

July 9, 2019 By
My travels have taken me all over these last few weeks, and there has been one common theme: rain. I was in Cleveland at the beginning of this week attending company meetings. I stopped by my favorite department at North ...

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Behind the music of Golfdom

May 31, 2019 By
The member/guest was only 48 hours away. Then two guys pulled a no-call/no-show. Then there was an irrigation line break. Just when it couldn’t get any worse, Mother Nature reminded you that she’s in charge, and washed out bunkers across ...

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Keeping up with the Jones: Mac the Knife strikes again

May 7, 2019 By
The saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” And man, did Tiger Woods fool me! For the past couple years, Golfdom Publisher Craig MacGregor and I have had a friendly back-and-forth, making small $5 bets while we’re ...

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Keeping up with the Jones: A farewell to Dan Jenkins

April 15, 2019 By
Sports journalism, and certainly the great game of golf, lost a legend recently with the passing of World Golf Hall of Famer Dan Jenkins at the age of 90. I’m happy to say I knew Dan Jenkins, a little. The ...

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Don’t picture me rollin’

February 27, 2019 By
I never know what the annual Golf Industry Show (GIS) will bring. This year, I saw so many familiar faces, made a bunch of new connections and was greeted by a lot of readers who just wanted to say hi. ...

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