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Harper Industries acquires three Toro turf product lines

May 8, 2024 By
Harper Industries recently acquired the Toro Rake-O-Vac, Versa-Vac and Pro Sweep product lines. ...

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Byron Reisen from Harper Turf Equipment shows Seth Jones the Hawk turf sweeper at the GCSAA Show

March 27, 2023 By
Byron Reisen, sales manager for Harper Turf Equipment, chats with Golfdom Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones about the company's Hawk turf sweeper. ...

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(Photo: Golfdom Staff)

The 2022 Golfdom Summit partners and what they had to say to the super attendees

February 20, 2023 By
Before one-on-one meetings began at the 2022 Golfdom Summit, partners had eight minutes to address superintendents as a group. Here's what they said. ...

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