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Matt’s Memories: Why we’ve got to look backward to move forward

March 17, 2023 By
Matt Shaffer gives us a blast from the past as he takes us back to where the industry was 49 years ago and how it has changed since. ...

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Mike Bellino, superintendent at Heathrow CC, shares his experience working with Tiger Woods

October 12, 2022 By
Mike Bellino, superintendent at Heathrow Country Club, shares with Golfdom his favorite golf highlight: working with Tiger Woods. ...

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Golfdom TV asks: The future of the industry is…

July 2, 2015 By
Superintendents who attended the 2014 Golfdom Summit, held Dec. 3-5 at Reunion Resort in Orlando, Fla., look to the future of the golf industry and discuss what they think it may hold. They answer the question, “Fill in the blank: The ...

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Photo: Golfdom

Golfdom TV asks: What advice about the industry would you give the younger you?

July 1, 2015 By
"If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about the industry, what would you tell the younger you?" ...

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Don’t look back, you’re not going that way

December 16, 2014 By
What’s more important? Looking ahead or looking back? ¶ I’d argue that in the golf business there is value in both but I’m choosing to focus on the future of our industry and not get too hung up on what’s ...

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Mark Woodward: Will the golf industry adapt for Millennials to help grow the game?

May 13, 2014 By
The other day I was sitting in my office with a young colleague and we started talking about the growth of the game initiatives in golf and in general the state of the industry. The conversation was all over the ...

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