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Tag: Ecologel Solutions

Monitoring irrigation system issues is key to ensure the system runs smoothly, especially during the busy season. (Photo: Brad Jakubowski)

How to keep irrigation systems running all season long

May 24, 2022 By
Industry experts share tips on how to keep irrigation systems running smoothly and effectively during peak business times. ...

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Arborjet, Ecologel announces five new hires

April 4, 2022 By
Arborjet and Ecologel announced five new hires, positions ranging from director of commercial sales to business development associate. ...

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Arborjet, Ecologel launch line of tree fertilization and soil enhancement products

September 23, 2020 By
Arborjet | Ecologel released Arbor Rx, a liquid line of tree fertilization and soil enhancement products, designed to improve tree and shrub vitality. Arbor Rx is designed to mitigate poor soil, insufficient moisture and lack of nutrient availability by offering ...

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Photo: Hal Phillips

When Toro was a fertilizer company — the forgotten tale of BioPro

July 31, 2019 By
If you tried to explain to millennial superintendents the BioPro Phenomenon — whereby iron and irrigation giant Toro briefly went into the fertilizer business during the 1990s — they might not believe you. But should you engage a slightly older ...

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BioPro line of products receives registration approval in California

July 12, 2019 By
Eleven products from Arborjet and Ecologel in the BioPro Technologies line were approved for use in California. The BioPro line was originally developed by The Toro Co. in 1994 as a collection of specialty liquid nutrients, designed to provide prescriptive fertility options based on ...

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Ecologel markets Hydretain and CytoGro turf products together

April 22, 2019 By
Ecologel Solutions’ Hydretain and CytoGro, two turf products, are being marketed in tandem for the first time to golf, lawn care and landscape segments. When used separately, Hydretain functions as a moisture manager that coats plant roots and soil particles. ...

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