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Dollar spot foliar lesions on leaf blades of bermudagrass are one of the telltale signs of dollar spot. (Photo: Bayer)

Off the Record: Pioneering the future of dollar spot management

April 15, 2024 By
Kenna provides an update on the current projects, new research initiatives and future events dedicated to advancing our understanding and control of dollar spot in turfgrass. ...

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Fungicide evaluations for dollar spot control on golf courses

April 12, 2024 By and
Researchers from Purdue University share findings from a study evaluating fungicides for dollar spot control. ...

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New fungicide from SiteOne offers control of multiple turf diseases

February 15, 2022 By
SiteOne Landscape Supply has introduced its new LESCO Drax Fungicide as an efficient tool to control diseases of turf grasses on golf courses. ...

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Recently released Posterity, Xzemplar and Maxtima provided effective dollar spot control. (Photo: Paul Koch, Ph.D.)

Super Science: Preventive fungicide applications for dollar spot control on creeping bentgrass fairways

June 10, 2021 By and
Paul Koch, Ph.D., and Kurt Hockemeyer delve into preventive fungicide applications for dollar spot control on creeping bentgrass fairways. ...

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The photo shows plots no longer receiving fungicide applications (left) and those that are treated (right). The five trial runs allowed the Rutgers University team to monitor disease progression through the entire season (April to November). (Photo: James Hempfling)

Keeping dollar spot in check

Experts evaluated dollar spot (Clarireedia jacksonii) incidence and disease progress on six bentgrasses that vary in tolerance to the disease. ...

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Effect of FeSO4 and lightweight rolling on dollar spot suppression. (Photo: Travis Roberson)

Iron sulfate and lightweight rolling for dollar spot

Dollar spot (Clarireedia spp.) is one of the most damaging turfgrass diseases worldwide. Superintendents routinely apply a wide variety of broad spectrum and site-specific fungicides to suppress dollar spot, but there are increasing alternatives to traditional fungicides employed for dollar ...

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