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After photo of bunker (Photo: Mission Viejo CC)

Life’s a Beach

April 4, 2019 By and
Two bad bunkers When Spring Ford Country Club started having problems with two of its bunkers, they looked for a solution that would allow them a little flexibility By Clara Richter Anyone who has spent any portion of their life ...

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Bunker beauty shot (Photo: The Country Club at Castle Pines)

Life’s a Beach

March 22, 2019 By and
A sandstorm in California At Palos Verdes Golf Club, the bunkers now drain like a dream, but the crew still finds that they’re too often working in and around the beach By Seth Jones Located in sunny Southern California, Palos ...

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Photos: Drew Annan

Man vs. elk

May 3, 2018 By
A mature elk weighs more than 700 pounds. Imagine that stomping around in your bunkers every day. Drew Annan, CGCS at Forest Highlands Golf Club, Flagstaff, Ariz., doesn’t have to imagine it. He’s seen it just about every day since ...

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Photos: Matt Morton

Then there were two

April 12, 2018 By
A downpour in the middle of a big tournament can be a problem for any golf course, but for a course known for its bunkers, like The Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif., it can be disastrous. During the ...

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Photos: Jason Blythe

Behind the scenes of Oregon’s The Reserve bunker renovation

April 10, 2018 By
Golf course architect John Fought speaks fondly of The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, Ore. “The Reserve was one of my first — probably was my first — real solo design,” says Fought, of ...

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Carpets on the walls

May 31, 2017 By
When natural sod bunker walls become too unpredictable and expensive, a pair of superintendents turn to an artificial answer for stability. When past hurricanes barreled through Beaufort, S.C., Superintendent Mark Mitchell’s list of repairs would include rebuilding the collapsed sod ...

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