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Photo: Golfdom Staff

Golfdom Gallery: 2022 Golfdom Summit Edition

March 1, 2023 By
Check out this photo recap of the 2022 Golfdom Summit, including partners, attendees, legends and Friends of Golfdom. ...

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Tim Hiers, CGCS (Photo: Anuvia)

Anuvia Legend Tim Hiers, CGCS, shares the traits of successful turf pros

November 14, 2022 By
Anuvia Legend Tim Hiers, CGCS, discusses the characteristics of successful turf pros and what day stands out to him in his career. ...

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Bill Brown, Ph.D. (Photo: Audubon International)

Audubon International appoints Bill Brown, Ph.D., as director of conservation initiatives

November 7, 2022 By
Audubon International announced Bill Brown, Ph.D., as its new director of conservation initiatives to oversee the company's environmental collaborations. ...

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Tim Hiers, CGCS (Photo: Anuvia)

The importance of conservation with Anuvia Legend Tim Hiers, CGCS

October 24, 2022 By
Anuvia Legend Tim Hiers, CGCS, sits down with us at Golfdom to discuss his unique job and advice for those in the industry. ...

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Shawn Emerson, consultant at Ethos Club and Leisure, Mooresville, N.C. (Photo: Shawn Emerson)

Q&A with Anuvia Legend Shawn Emerson

August 11, 2022 By
Anuvia Legend Shawn Emerson gives his advice for aspiring supers and shares his thoughts on today's hot topics in the golf world. ...

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Bob Farren, director of golf course and grounds management, Pinehurst Resort and CC, N.C. (Photo: Bob Farren)

Q&A with Anuvia Legend Bob Farren

August 8, 2022 By
Anuvia Legend Bob Farren discusses this month’s Adaptive Championship, surviving summer and the latest on USGA’s partnership with Pinehurst Resort. ...

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