By |  January 22, 2013

Get more from fall fertilizer applications with Solu-Cal. Supplying soluble calcium is essential to your turf’s summer recovery and winter hardiness.  Fertilizer applications with Solu-Cal-enhanced products gives turf a double dose of vital nutrients. Each formula delivers a precise amount of calcium and the right N-P-K ratio for fall applications. Solu-Cal offers multiple combination options with fertilizer. 20-0-0 30% UFLEXX with Solu-Cal (Coarse Grade SGN 210) delivers 20% calcium, and covers 10,000 sq. ft.  The 12-0-4 30% XCU + Solu-Cal provides a nutrient boost with 23% calcium, and 30% sulfur-coated urea for controlled-release nitrogen. Ideal for fall applications, 12-0-4 helps plants use water more efficiently and resist drought. An application of 18-0-5 All Mineral with Solu-Cal delivers the recommended dose of 1 lb. of N plus 1/4 lb. of potassium with Solu-Cal (18% calcium). The Premium Starter 6-12-6 with Solu-Cal 17% Ca strengthens the plant and increases seedling vigor. K-Cal Plus 0-0-16 with Solu-Cal 17% Ca promotes fertility with Solu-Cal, ideal for roughs and fairways.  Delivering 1.2 lbs Potassium, .55 lbs Ca and .8lbs. S per M, a 50-lb. bag covers 10,000 sq. ft. One spreader pass with Solu-Cal equals two applications.

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