Shaffer soundbite

By |  June 11, 2013

You know the weather is a big deal when they call the superintendent in to the media center to discuss what’s going on out there. Here’s one soundbite:
Q.  The landing area on 11, there are more than puddles.  It seems like if you would step in the fairway you would get your foot fairly wet all the way up to your ankle.  Do you expect that to drain if you do get more water over the next two or three days?  If not, what sort of contingency plan have you made or do you think you need to make?
            MATT SHAFFER:  Certainly it’s saturated.  But the good thing down on 11 is that the water comes up fast, but it also recedes very quickly.  And it’s silt, so it will dry really, really quickly.  We just need a little bit of sunshine.
            MIKE DAVIS:  As far as if it is a wet fairway, we would ‑‑ that would be one of the things we would take into consideration.  We’d say is the course playable?  Or is it playable?  We always look at the greens first.  These greens, we just said, they drain beautifully.
            Just because there’s areas of casual water down on 11 fairway, as long as a player can take relief from that casual water and not go somewhere too far away, that’s something we take into consideration.  How much is a bunker completely flooded would be another one.  Just because they’re wet or there is standing water that wouldn’t preclude us from playing golf.
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