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By |  May 28, 2014


Remember the April cover with the nine GCSAA Field Staffers? In addition to what you read then, we also heard from the guys on what their biggest concern was for their region at the time. Check out what Brian Cloud, South Central Region, and Kevin F. Doyle, Northeast Region, had to say on the topic.

“My default answer is drought, more properly termed, ‘water issues.’ But it is much more than a historic drought. The South Central region spans a massive area so I have some courses that have literally considered shutting down due to lack of water and some that haven’t had any issues or concerns… yet.

That being said, I think the biggest challenge is the future of the game and industry. I have worked in the industry since 1980, and I am seeing some of the smallest budgets, staffing levels, and overall resources available to our members to do their jobs.”

—    Brian Cloud, South Central Region

“Here in the Northeast, I would have to say legislation and government pressures. So far in 2014, Maine and Vermont have had to mobilize to head off neonic legislation. Connecticut is battling pesticide restriction issues focusing on playing fields with the understanding that legislators will push the fight towards golf. One particular Senator in Connecticut has likened the battle over pesticide use to ‘an arms race.’  While the industry as a whole is under constant scrutiny, the Northeast region seems to be quite the hotbed of political actions.”

—    Kevin F. Doyle, Northeast Region

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