Pros and cons of Philly

By |  June 13, 2013

It’s been a great week in Philadelphia so far. Some pros and cons:


  • Public transit. I’ve taken the subway/train from downtown to the course every day. It’s a breeze, and costs a total of $3. Extra bonus — there’s a train stop right outside Merion’s front gate.
  • The history. There is so much American history here (obviously)! Benjamin Franklin is buried in the cemetery right behind my hotel. I mean, RIGHT behind my hotel. Non even a nine iron away. That just seems unbelievable to me, I don’t know why.
  • Tourist friendly. Lots of signs telling you which way to go, and what other cool thing is right around that other corner. Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.
  • Cheesesteaks. I don’t think I’ve found the ultimate one yet, but I’m going to try another two or three to continue that quest. Leave me a comment if you know where the best one is…


  • Wacky liquor laws. Apparently it’s against the law to sell a 12-pack of beer in Philadelphia. I’m serious. I was going to throw a 12-pack in my room, as is tradition when I travel. But I was told that there are no places to buy canned (or bottled) beer in Philly except for bars, where you have to pay for to-go beers. So a 6-pack is literally $30, minimum. Bizarre. I thought Kansas had weird liquor laws.
  • Customer service. I walked out of a place tonight. Sat there for ten minutes and no one would come up to say high, take a drink order, anything. I know it sounds snobby to gripe about this, but I put myself through college working in restaurants and bars. Especially when tourist dollars are in town, it’s not that hard to schmooze a little for a tip.
  • Phillies are out of town. I think it should be a rule that when a major sporting event (i.e. the U.S. Open) comes to town, you make sure your pro baseball team (or whatever is in season) is in town as well. That allows sports fans to double-up on the pleasure and see a ballpark and a game that they normally wouldn’t have. But no Phillies for U.S. Open fans, sorry.
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