Praise the Lord … and (By)pass the Ibuprofen?

By |  May 26, 2006

The worst thing about running a marathon is the Day After … and then the next two days after that. So, the last thing I wanted to read 24 hours after finishing Sunday’s Cleveland Marathon was that my salvation – those one or two or six tablets of Advil – could kill me.

Alas, better runners have fared worse. Legend has it that the Greek soldier Pheidippides, the first guy to run what we now call a marathon, dropped dead immediately after the feat. I’m guessing NSAIDs weren’t around during his day, for better or for worse. Maybe he had to deal with a 30-mph-headwind as 1,700 of us did between miles 20 to 24 along Lake Erie. Trust me, that would do it.

Anyway, it’s Friday now, and I’m feeling much better going into the Memorial Day Weekend. There’s no running in store for the next four days, although the sod for my new lawn is finally being delivered on Tuesday. My quads and calves are ready for the 3,400-square-foot challenge. I’m just wondering how to break the bad news about Advil to my lower back.

Have a great long weekend everybody! And remember our soldiers, past and present.

— Thomas Skernivitz, Managing Editor

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