Photos of the sinkhole from the super himself

By |  March 14, 2013

A mighty huge thanks to John Soetaert, CGCS, for sending us these shots of the sinkhole at Annbriar Golf Course. It’s not like he’s got much spare time these days, you know? 

Check out the immense progress he and his crew have made in repairing the sinkhole—all this in less than a week! For the record, they’ll be ready to sod on Monday. Tell us if this isn’t impressive. Thanks so much for sending them our way, John! We owe you a beer.

The initial hole the golfer created when he collapsed the underground void.

The secured area, immediately after the fall

Beginning excavation and “collapsing the void.” The maintenance team had to do this because onlookers kept pushing the fence down to get a closer look.

The backhoe digs as far down as it can–16 ft., not 18 ft., as reported.

Filling the hole with riprap. They used an estimated 100 tons of it.
The area will be graded Friday and ready for sod on Monday.

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