PBI Gordon: Zylam 20SG Systemic Turf Insecticide

By |  August 22, 2013

Zylam 20SG Systemic Turf Insecticide is a 20% active ingredient, soluble granule formulation of dinotefuran, a third-generation neonicotinoid insecticide. It offers “muscle in your tank” for control of tough turfgrass pests, including mole crickets, European crane flies, billbugs and annual bluegrass weevils, and provides activity on chinch bug, cutworms and white grub larvae. The active ingredient acts on insect pests through contact and ingestion, resulting in the termination of feeding. Insect death occurs shortly after. Zylam 20SG’s dust-free extruded granules are easy to mix, dissolving completely in water. It is packaged in a convenient 2.7-lb. jug, which covers 1 acre of turf.


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