Pace Turf video on dead grass

By |  July 5, 2012

Dr. Larry Stowell of Pace Turf has released a new video on the heat and turf conditions these next few weeks. Might be worth sharing with golfers at your course. The video is embedded here and can be embedded on your course’s website as well.

It’s been in the 100s consistently here in NE Kansas… my hat is off to all you guys dealing with this weather!

When catastrophic turf losses occur due to record high heat, it can be frustrating, because there is no one to blame. The reality is that there is nothing that anyone can do in the face of the radically high temperatures and humidities the U.S. has experienced this year. “We expect to see lots of dead turf in the next two weeks, and we also expect that most of that grass will need many weeks to recover,” says Dr. Larry Stowell, director of PACE Turf. To encourage golfers to take these difficult conditions in stride, PACE Turf has released a video “Golfing on Dead Grass” now showing on YouTube.

In the video, Dr. Stowell explains to golfers that there is something they can do to help the situation. “First, be patient — the turf will eventually recover, but it may take until fall. Secondly, why not continue playing golf even if conditions are not ideal? Sure, it won’t be the same, but it can still be fun. And you will be supporting the game of golf and the golf industry, as well,” he says.

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