Odds on Tiger at Augusta

By |  March 27, 2012

The thing I love about Tiger’s win? It instantly generates excitement in the game.

Take, for example, the below press release that just hit my email inbox:

With renewed mental focus after a PGA Tour victory on Sunday, experts agree that Tiger Woods is well positioned to win the Masters this April. And sports bettors are well positioned to profit from his success thanks to SportsBettingOnline’s victory and prop bet odds.

“The wait is over. Tiger won his first official PGA Tour event since his personal life was exposed by the media and almost ruined his career,” stated Dave Johnson, head odds maker at SportsBettingOnline.com. “The win not only gives him a mental edge, but it will also incite the betting public to put their money on Tiger. We’ve got great odds for Tiger Woods winning the Masters, as well as several prop bet options to keep things interesting.”

SportsBettingOnline opened Tiger as the favorite at 5/1 to odds, and sports bettors are jumping at the opportunity to bet on him. Tiger Woods has tied for fourth in the last two Masters, and given his recent performance, there’s no reason to doubt that he’ll be in the heat of things again this year.

You have to admit, it’s a lot more fun talking odds on Tiger Woods than it is on, say, Paul Casey.

I think 5/1 odds on Tiger Woods is, as some of my drinking buddies would say, “Aggressive!” I’d put him at more like 12/1… but I’m not in the business of making odds, and I realize SportsBettingOnline is trying to generate some excitement in their off-shore sports betting business (which I can certainly appreciate.)

I do regularly participate in a Pick ‘Em pool for the Majors… and if I drew the first pick, would I take Tiger? No, I’d take Rory McIlroy. But I guarantee Tiger goes off the board before you can nab him if you had the 4th overall pick. And why not? You know you’ll get to see how he’s doing, whether he’s killing it or blowing up. 

What odds would you give Tiger to win the Masters?

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