News and notes: Phipps to GCSAA, Augusta Sand and Golf’s Bounce-Back

By |  April 10, 2012

Check this out: David Phipps, formerly the superintendent out at Stone Creek GC in Oregon City, Ore., has accepted a job with GCSAA as the Northwest Field Staff Rep. 

This is a great hire for the GCSAA, David is exactly the kind of guy you want representing the national association. Congrats David, enjoy the GCSAA Christmas party, look me up next time you’re in Lawrence and can get away from GCAA HQ for a few hours, drinks are on me!

I was just on — my favorite sports gossip site — and saw that this guy got arrested at Augusta National for trying to scoop some sand out of a bunker. Beer is cheap at Augusta National, and with enough of it, things like grabbing sand as a souvenir make sense (or so I’m told.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone pocket some grass at Augusta National. It’s hallowed ground to so many people. That’s just a rough way to get arrested. At least the guy I saw getting busted at the Phoenix Open got to go for a swim in front of thousands of fans before he was knocked in the dirt and cuffed. I bet if the guy had it to do over again, he would have headed for a green…

And the best thing I’ve read lately (even better than anything on Deadspin) is this story from Bloomberg News that golf is riding a bounce-back and growing for the first time in five years with increasing golf rounds, equipment purchases and yes, maintenance equipment. Toro, John Deere and Jacobsen are all quoted in the story.

“There’s older equipment out there that has quite a bit of hours and courses are realizing that they need to go ahead and re-fleet and purchase new equipment,” Denny Docherty of John Deere tells Bloomberg News in the story.

That’s the kind of thing this industry needs right now — businesses looking ahead, instead of looking down!

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