New issue out the door/STMA here we come

By |  January 15, 2013


What will the new mag look like? Wait and see!

Finally, I can take a deep breath.

We just got done with a big issue of Golfdom… it was double the size and double the importance, because it was the first issue of our big redesign. 

I hope everyone likes it. It should be in your hands by the end of next week. Look twice, because you won’t recognize it at first. It’s not your, uhm, older brother’s Golfdom.

I have the new cover here on my computer right now, and it looks so cool… I could unleash it all on you right now, but I think I’ll keep it stashed away for a few more days, allowing for maximum impact when it hits your mailbox.

A tip of the hat is due to Pete Seltzer, North Coast Media’s vice president of graphic design. He led the charge on this project, and it just about killed him! Ha! Seriously, Pete is in stable condition in Cleveland right now, but he really did put in the hours on this endeavor, and it shows. Thank you Pete.

Another big shout-out to Carrie Parkhill Wallace, who has been working on this redesign with us for a long time now. She is the regular designer on Golfdom and she does a great job, she’s like a combo designer/editor and we couldn’t have done this redesign without her.

And I would be remiss not to mention all the hours senior editor Elizabeth Geraci put in on this issue. It’s not everyday a journalist gets to take part in a big redesign like this, and she recognized this and jumped into the project with great gusto. Thank you Elizabeth!

And thanks to all the contributors… the writers, photographers, the interns, the people at the post office, truck drivers, the people who make One A Day men’s multivitamin… thank you Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka for inspiration… thank you to the Beastie Boys for being on the jukebox and adding energy to the office… thank you to Bigfoot just for keeping it real… and a big thank you to all of you out there who CARE!!! You, the music makers, the dreamers of dreams, the people who keep grass green and lies tight. Our readers? Bad-asses, every one of ’em.

So, I’m giving myself all of 24 hours to recover, and then I’m off to the Sports Turf Managers Association 24th Annual Conference and Exposition in Daytona Beach, Fla. I hear good things about this show. I’ll be there representing the flip-side of my business card, Athletic Turf News.

If you’re headed to the STMA show tweet at me or email me so we can meet up. We don’t have a booth, we’ll just be roaming the show.

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